Example 1 - Help a Character


One of the easiest ways to add engagement without adding time or expense is to avoid the "feature based" mindset. Don't ask your learners to connect the mental dots between what they do on the job with the features of the software.

Instead of a module that focused on Payslips, we meet John who is getting a loan and needs to find his payslips.

Audience & Content

This module was created to help 22,000+ people working at a hospital understand the new HR system that they'll use to update and view their personal information. (The system is called Workday)

Try it for yourself

This is a link to the working example. Can you help John get his boat and get out on the water? The complete demo had other characters as well. We had a character get married, then change her name, address, and tax witholdings. Teresa had triplets and had to add them to her health insurance. We had characters who applied for a new job via the new internal career center. We had a character update his CPR license. There was a new employee filling out their required info on their first day and more!

One of my favorite features of this style is that it doesn't take any more time to build compared to feature-based training, but is a lot more interesting. Here's a link to the published sample so you can try it on your own.

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