Week 1: Brainstorm potential ideas

Week 1 - Live Class

This week's theme is mental friction. We'll discuss what that means and take the time to get to know one another and discuss the goals of our projects.

We will work together to do a recording. We'll practice outputting to different modes with a variety of different settings.

Share at least 2 Project ideas

Let's get started by brainstorming a few possible ideas for your Portfolio Project or Work Project.

In the comments section below, answer these questions for me and the other members of this course. Please share your comments before your first individual coaching session.

What system could you record?

Who would take the training?

What do they need to be able to do?

Which recipe are you using to make it engaging and effective?

Quiz Me, Training Wheels, No Next Button, Help a Character

Week 1 Survey

I'd appreciate it if you could fill out this survey to help me improve future sessions.

Week 1 Archive

Missed our first session? Not a problem. Our session starts 13 minutes in to the video below.