Week 2: Share a recording

Project Update - Please submit before Session 2

This is a design document to help you ask the questions you need to create an effective and engaging screen video or simulation.

Download the file, then email to [email protected] I will use this document during our coaching session.

Need help? Here's a completed example.

Share an update if you like.

If you're ready, share a link to your work in progress in the comments section below.

Try your first screen recording and export the slides as either View, Try, or Test mode.

What if I don't have Storyline 360?

If you're not using Storyline 360, that's OK. If you don't have a way to FTP it to a web server, I've created a special Dropbox folder so that you can use to upload your file. Use my dropbox folder to share your file with me and I'll publish and share the link for you.

What if my company/boss doesn't want me to share?

Nothing we can do about that. :)

Week 2 - Live Class

This week we'll look at techniques used for creating a module that hits that sweet spot between too easy and too hard and find ways to make your module interesting and memorable.

We'll discuss each of the following recipes I use for making a simulation.

  • Help a Character
  • Speed Bumps
  • Quiz Me
  • Training Wheels

I'll go through the samples that are posted on this site as well as some of my current projects to give you ideas for how to make your training engaging and effective.

Script and Audio

Your script should be more than accurate. Strive to make it memorable, too. Show your learners how it can be relevant to their work.

We'll practice working with audio, talk about microphones, and audio recording best practices.

Week 2 Archive

Here's our slides from session 2. The archive is listed below.