Example 3 - No Next Button

No Next Button Example

This example shows you how to replace Storyline's default next button with strategically placed next buttons. Use the buttons to engage in a conversational tone with your learner.


The original audience for this training is workers in a warehouse. They are upgrading the "staging and picking" system that they use to label, organize, and retrieve the different boxes in the warehouse.

Try it on your own

Here's a link to the published sample. You'll see that this module is a good example of a screen recording that has real world objects like scanners and boxes.

I'll show more about how this was put together during our class sessions.

Bonus Links

This approach doesn't need to be limited to the world of screen recordings and screen simulations.

Here's a video I put on my youtube channel that explains a bit more about how to hide that next button to engage your learners.

This example shows how to remove the next button in a course on protected health information.

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